My love for makeup started with my mother’s forbidden, 'for grown-ups only' makeup bag.

The colorful lipsticks and gleaming aqua 80s eye shadow would strike any 5-year-old's curiosity. One large, messy swipe of fuchsia lipstick and voilà, I looked like my mermaid Barbie. Fast forward to high school, my time in homeroom was spent giving makeovers.

Today, I work in corporate finance during the week while weekends are meant for play. Playing with hair and makeup that is.  It is so gratifying knowing the right techniques and utilizing cosmetics that can enhance someone's beauty and sometimes be transformational. The oohs and aahs made make me feel like your boost of confidence and beauty was all in my hands. Seeing someone look in the mirror with awe after a beauty session with me, brings me immense pleasure and pride.

Having a knack for art, an eye for beauty and a plethora of educational tools, has allowed me to maximize my talents with the latest and greatest 'tricks of the trade'. Knowing the best techniques to emphasize the beauty in you is my greatest feat.

As you search for an artist, remember that your characteristics and beauty are distinctive. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method. Allow me to reveal the best in you and showcase your beauty on your day to shine.